Thanks for Waiting for Me, Vienna!

My favorite picture of me in Vienna, Austria, with a background that looks too beautiful to be real!
It may look like a portrait, but this background was very real!
Me and 3 of my fellow Gators in Vienna, Austria!
The Gator Nation is everywhere!
Visiting the flower shop “Blumenkraft”, which was the basis for an original play I was in the year before going to Vienna!
The summer prior to studying abroad (2018), I was in an original play at UF called The Day is Long to End. Catherine Yu, the playwright, visited Vienna in 2017 and was so inspired by the flower shop, Blumenkraft, that she wrote an entire play that takes place there! It was really cool being able to visit the real place a year after being in the play!
Belvadere Palace with Igna, one of my best friends that I met in Vienna!
Belvedere Palace with Igna, one of my best friends that I met in Vienna!

Just as we have an evolutionary desire to procreate, so too do we have an instinctive desire to create.

Look at anything, whether in art or paintings or theatre or life in general, then look again and try to find something new that you didn’t see the first time.

A selfie with my roomates from all over the world!
Our dorm was Global! Quentin, on the left, is from Paris, France. Paul, in the middle, is from western Canada. Mazan, next to me, is from Lebanon but has been living in Australia for the last 8 years.
  1. “If you just create an environment for a shark, the cat will drown.”
  2. How you are judged at the end of your career is not on how well you did, but how well you developed others.
  3. As humans, we naturally want two things: to grow, and to connect with others.
  4. If you say “Don’t think about a pink elephant with yellow spots”, someone will think of a pink elephant with yellow spots and then cross it out in their head. So, if you say, “I’m not here to exploit you,” they will hear “exploit” and then have to cross that out, opposed to saying, “I’m here for you.” They will think of that.
  5. People tend to overestimate challenges in the short run and underestimate challenges in the long run.
  6. HR tries to get everyone’s individual desires/motivations to streamline in the same direction as the motivation of the overall company.
  7. You get what you measure. It is better to measure results than time.
  8. Extrinsic usually kills intrinsic motivation.
  9. “Companies never succeed, people do.”
  10. “The grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull it.”
  11. “Focus on solutions, not problems.”-Viktor Frankl
  12. When hiring: Not about is this person good or bad in general. Is this the right person for this particular culture?
  13. New employees usually make the decision to stay or leave within first few weeks. They may stay for a few years, but they made up their mind within the first few weeks.
  14. The brain will do what it can to confirm its own hypotheses.
  15. When a person discusses a piece of art, it usually says more about the person than the art. What Peter says about Paul says more about Peter than Paul.




Actor. Comedian. Writer. Director. For all things Datz, check out

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Eddie Datz

Eddie Datz

Actor. Comedian. Writer. Director. For all things Datz, check out

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